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 Film tour through the Cologne Südstadt district

Join us on an expert and exciting tour of Cologne's Südstadt and dive deep into film and cinema history. Why is Cologne's Südstadt the cradle of German film? What role does chocolate play in this?

TV backstage group tourTV backstage group tour
TV Backstage group tour
Behind the scenes of film & TV 
from 11,00 € p.p. - from 20 pers - 1,5 hours
TV Promi group tourTV Promi group tour
TV Promi group tour
With an actor through the TV world
from 15,00 € p.p. - from 20 pers. - 2 hours
TV expert tourTV expert tour
TV expert tour
A deep dive into the TV Studios
from 22,00 € p.p.- from 20 pers - 2 hours
TV quiz tourTV quiz tour
TV quiz tour
Tricky guessing fun in the celebrity world 
from 13,00 € p.p. - from 20 pers. - 2 hours
TV Hear & Feel group tourTV Hear & Feel group tour
TV Hear & Feel group tour
TV studio tour for the seeing/unseeing
from 15,00 € p.p. - 2 hours
And Action 1 - TV WorkshopAnd Action 1 - TV Workshop
And Action 1 - Team TV Workshop
Produce your own show!
€ 69.00 p.p. - max. 160 people - 3 hours

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