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Rules of conduct for guests of MMC Film & TV Studios Cologne

IMPORTANT! The attached information is valid during the entire stay and must be observed. As a buyer, please inform your companions about all rules of conduct before the tour.

Checklist Safety and Behavior Rules for Visitors to MMC Studios Cologne

- Corona measures: The currently valid rules can be found on our website in the ticket store.
- A guarded checkroom is not available. Bags must be taken along.
- Toilets are located in the reception foyer only. Please use them before/after the tour.
- It is not allowed to stay in the foyer before the tour starts! We kindly ask all participants to gather in the designated waiting area of the MMC Café.
- The studios are not heated and the tour will also take place in uncovered outdoor areas! Please ensure that you are dressed appropriately.
- Entering the workshop is an exceptional case (happens very rarely!) and therefore possible without safety shoes. For guests who do not wish to enter the workshop, there is the possibility to wait outside the door.
- Photography and filming is allowed in parts of the workshop for private purposes only. Please ask the tour guide when and where this is possible!
- Photography and filming in areas NOT approved is strictly prohibited.
- Touching props, decorative objects, cameras, etc. is not permitted. In case of disregard the causer is liable for damages. Thefts will be reported to the police!
- Alcoholized persons cannot take part in the tour.
- Dogs are not allowed. Exception: for guided tours for the blind, assistance dogs are allowed under registration.
- It is not allowed to leave the group during the tour!
- The instructions of the guide must be followed.

In case of disregard of one of these regulations the guiding staff is entitled to cancel the tour or to exclude persons. A refund of the paid tour fee is not possible!
For children's groups and school classes, the teachers/group leaders must be present!
Parents are liable for their children!

By ordering the tickets the rules of this checklist are accepted. The buyer is responsible for informing the other participating persons from his booking about the rules. He is liable for the persons with, if the content of the checklist was not passed on.

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